With open eyes.

With open eyes…

I love the girl who can see beyond the lies. I love the girl who can watch the morning come alive. I love the girl who love books and adore conversations about Donne, Hemingway and Ben Jonson.

I love the girl who tell me. We must see the world with open eyes, grasp the truth in the mess of the chaos. Know the realness of the world and try to make her better.

I love the girl who love five am coffee and the six am sea walks. I love the girl who hold me near and whispered to me. We will be alright.

I adore watching your morning face watching the night being replaced by the light of the morning. Your morning silence, you love so.

You told me. Life isn’t owning everything, life is just enough to have love near, to be able to taste the salt of the Pacific in the morning. To be safe in the arms of love gentleness. 

I love the girl with the wide open eyes who can make me believe. Life is good and love is kind.