As long as the grass shall grow…

As Long As The Grass Shall Grow

He told the prettiest girl in his world, thank you for staying with me.
I have been following you since the Summer of 1976 and you allowed me to be part of your life.

In a sweet memory, we made dandelion wishes, for the splendour of love to keep us warm and safe, forever and a day.
I remember the sweetest girl saving me and I tried to save her.

As Long As The Grass Shall Grow

I will remember the warmest kisses made,the sweetness of your voice telling me,we will be okay,together we can overcome the bad days.

We have kissed and touched,danced into the midnight hours andyou are more beautiful today,then the shy girl of yesterday.

Thank you my kind lady, you are my sweetest gal, my daily miracle and I pray.
I can make you smile, hold your hand in the morning, drink morning coffee with you for many more wonderful years.

                         Dancing Coyote