I drink…

I drink and I will recite some wild thoughts for you…

I met Bukowski once and I learn. Like my mentor, I drink and I will recite some wild thoughts for you. Pretty girl sat with me at the tavern, she ordered me a beer, a whiskey and a cigar. I asked her. What is your payment due dear Eleanor? She smiled and she told me. I need a poem to make me smile tonight dear Johnnie.

I told her, I have one for you my kind and pretty lady.
“Drunk on love…
Roses are red,

violets can be blue and…
The sun will rise from the west,

the sun will fall into the eastern sea.

Love blessings can be sweet and can be a curse.

We may dance, we may kiss, we may lay nude beneath the silky and soft sheets.
We may confess love, confuse need. The heart can be a fickle beast.

Rose are red and

violets can be blue and..

Love can masquerade to a treacherous dance, leaving us with a mortal view.
Where love is at bay and your love can be wasted in dreams gone astray.
Love isn’t for the faint of heart. We will lose more than we shall win in the dance of love.

Roses are red,

violets can be blue and…

I want to be drunk on kisses and dance in the charm of love embrace.”

Pretty Eleanor smiled and she asked me. Do you believe in your own words? Do you love the drink more than love? She went to him, held him close. He told her. Love need reminders, love need the spark of kindness. The drink steal the hope and blind you. Sometime the old heart is done. You do make me smile beautiful Eleanor. Maybe you are my butterfly wish, maybe we are dancing on razor blades waiting to be bleed-out. Maybe we need to be brave…