Passion in the Park (poem, photos, & live music)

Amazing photos and words shared.

My Inspired Life

On his notes, my pulsing heart soared above
into the realm of infinite possibilities –

the space of eternal love.

He set his mic down and left.
I grabbed my camera and headed west
toward a sky painted red
dripping and spilling
into the rippling
a heavenly merging

I caught up with my heart, dancing and skipping
in this glowing scene
blending and lending
its growing passion
a heavenly merging

Click here to see full photos (website).

Sunday delivered a special treat – the 150th Anniversary of Tempe, held at the Tempe Beach Park and Tempe Arts Park. I had a lovely time listening to my favorite local singer/musician/storyteller, Walt Richardson, along with my husband and some friends before venturing off with my lens toward the setting sun. In between capturing park and lake scenes, I popped back in to catch two more bands, then I greeted the crescent moon…

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