Let it be…

Let it be…

               Old man sitting alone.

               Sitting on the cliffs of Pacific Grove.

               You can see the Pacific ocean forever.

               Miles of the beautiful and powerful sea.

               He write words into a black notebook.

               Secret whispers into a book.

               Words describing a grand life.

               I bring him coffee.

               He thanks me.

               Read me a poem daily.

                          “Let it be…

                          Human’s are twisted.
                          In the midst of paradise.

                          Our mind’s race for reasons.
                          Not to be content.

                          Let it be.

                          We need to be thankful.

                           Hold your love one’s.

                           Dance and celebrate being alive.

                           Be content.
                           To have the chance to love someone.

                            Just let it be.

                            Swim in paradise.
                            Of the good times.
                            We can be together.

                            Tomorrow is not a guarantee.”

                                8 May 2009