Autumn days….

Autumn days

A Poem by Coyote Poetry
"Autumn is here."     

                                                         Autumn days…

The Summer days were splendor, long days, beach days, easy day.
The harmony of warm days and being sun-kissed. Blessed days.
Now the nights are cooler, the school bells are calling the grandchildren. I have quiet days to reflex on the coming days of Autumn.

I love the charm of the Fall. The September change of color, fresh Michigan corn and apple picking with the grandchildren.

I roam alone to lake St. Clair and I burn some sage for my world. I tell the moving lake, please allow my world to know peace. Please allow the cooler days, to make the hate in my world turn to softness. The negative words to hopeful words.

Was  a hard Summer for the grandchildren. No fairs or carnivals. We had many beach days and we were thankful for Lake St. Clair near.

The days of Autumn are here, restless grandchildren need the days of Halloween and interaction with other children.

Time for us to gather our minds, make the right decisions and make our world wonderful again. The Autumn days go quickly and I hope before the days of winter.

We have gain our sanity and we can forgive each other. Time to befriend  people and lead with concern, kindness and love.

For the sake of all the children in our world. We must get along.