‘Rubrication’ and other poems

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Literary Yard

By: RC deWinter


your skin
bronzed by your labors in the sun
is no soft envelope
wrapping your bone and sinew
it’s the parchment of years spent
doing what men do
i want to illuminate the pages
of this book of hours
let me be the quill that illustrates
all you accrue
i have stained my lips scarlet just for you
when i slide them up and down your skin
you’ll be inked with passion’s tattoo



too early or too late
my time is always out of joint
too early for nashville
too late for your love
the two things i wanted most

oh they clapped in the studio
then sent me on my way to nowhere
and i was years too late for your applause

now my voice is chained
to these words that just won’t stop
is any of it good or am i…

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