Goodbye my lover and a Gabriella song.

Goodbye my lover…

 I walked to my lover with the liar’s moon above. It was a warm German Fall night. I walked 20 miles to get to her. I went to say goodbye.

I wanted to find out where I was going. I was going to make a decision. Stay or go? I was torn between her and another. A emotional turn of fate that would leave someone with many tears.

She was dressed in baby-doll pajamas and she wanted the first touch of “Always”. She wrapped her body around me and I stopped her. I told her the truth written upon my heart and my words were not to destroy her. We decided nothing and I held her for the last time.

Every step walking away from her, my heart started to die. I cried to the morning sun and I knew. I tossed our love away on a September morning. I felt her tears upon her pillow. I knew, I broke a angel heart.
She crossed the sea to escape my memory and I learn too late. I should of begged for forgiveness and ran to her. Never releasing her from my life.

Now I am far away from the September day and I wondered if I stayed with her. Would my journey of foolishness would of been less.

Youth is a dance of poor decisions. A education of what we didn’t do. What we left behind and what we cannot forget.

“Beautiful Sheena, I remember you. My Scottish beauty, you still dance in my dreams. I am sorry, I didn’t know. Love is rare and so sweet. You were the love of my life and I remember you.

Dancing Coyote