I could not ask for more…

I could not ask for more…

I told my grandchildren, choose the road you love, dance, sing and be fearless.
I learn many moons ago, I had enough and I told the rising sun. I could not ask for more.
I held my two month grand daughter yesterday, she smiled for me and I knew. I had everything I needed.
I saw in her eyes, love and trust.

My children are doing well. Now once busy man make time for them. The best days, babysitting my three grand-boys. My greatest wealth, the beach days and our mystery day adventures with my grandchildren. I know, life is more than me. We are what we leave behind.

Our children, our grandchildren. The true wealth of a life.

My children asked me. What do you need dad? I tell them I am the richest man I know. I have the family near, happy and strong grandchildren and you are standing on your two-feet. Strong minded.
I could not ask for more.

Dancing Coyote