No mercy dear Elizabeth…

No mercy dear Elizabeth….

She found me alone by the St Clair lake and she wore a silky red dress. I saw her from a distance and I watched her walk quickly toward me. I was alone with my Jack London and Dryden book, writing by beloved  Lake St. Clair. I rose-up and she embraced me tightly and she whispered. Johnnie, Did you forget me? Did I disappear from your memory and your thoughts?

I embraced her tightly and I told her. I have never forgotten you. You stole my wish and dream many moons ago. I have wished daily to kiss your lips and taste your skin daily. My deadly silence prayers I do alone to the Lake St. Clair. I have wished often for seconds, hours and days to be in your eyes. My heart is empty without you and my pen is silence. I pray to the midnight moon for us to find smoke and darkness where love is hidden from the light of life.

Dear Elizabeth looked sad and she asked. Have you danced with the devil Johnnie? Have you danced and sang to the moon? Do you know the hunger of wild and crazy love? Have you forgotten me and are willing to accept less?

I kissed her lips a hundred times and we held hands like old lovers. She smiled and she told me. Look at my new tattoos. They have meaning and purpose. I have dandelions on my chest to show you. Love is wild and free. I have wild flowers on back for you, because you make me feel that I’m beautiful and needed. Wild and free. If you don’t love me no-more. I will be torn apart forever and please have the mercy of still loving me still.

I put my face into her neck and free-flowing brown hair and I whispered to her. I will always love you dear Elizabeth. I shall love you till the end of time. You are my chaos in my controlled life, I would be willing to change my path to be by your side in the long days and the kind nights. We are the moon and the sun. The world ensured we are apart. For if I could, I would steal you away to a tropical place and we would never return. We would drink the rum and be fearless and crazy again.

Dancing Coyote