Beautiful Bishop Briggs song and some words…

 Dead man arms…

Once the bravest man on the block, he loved the darkest girl on the dead-end street. Her eyes, blackest eyes, he had ever seen.

In the deadly days of his wars, the dead soldiers showed more light than her sleeping soul could feel.
He sought the darkness of his world and the darkness found him.

He wrote to the girl with the hair of auburn and the pale skin of white. I understand your turmoil and how twisted the world can be.

Abigail wrote him back, Dear Johnnie, if you believe in the lullabies and the happy ending tales. You will know distaste and disappointment. I am here for you and I will accept love from the sleeping man. The dead man arms, I shall fall into. I left a alive rose for you on the porch and I am waiting.   

      With love Abigail

He arrived at the dead-end street and he saw one lone light shining at the midnight hour. He walked slowly to the last house on the block and he saw the apple blossoms blooming and her perfect yard. He didn’t know if he should stay or go? He saw the lone red rose and he remembered the girl with the far-away eyes. She told him 10 years ago, pretty things are not always pretty.

He remembered how they discovered hidden waterfalls and loved the hard and honest songs. They kissed in the darkness of the nights and he realized now. They knew a love, maybe she saw the dirt before he could.

He saw her standing near him, her eyes with soft tears falling and she called to him, please come to me my wandering soldier, please stay with me. I have missed the man who forced me to smile and made me wander with him everywhere. Accepted me as is. I want the dead man arms holding me tightly and maybe the great lakes, maybe too much wine can make us remember. We are not dead yet and I can learn to laugh again.

He went to her and she embraced him tightly and he whispered. Your beautiful face kept me seeking life over death. You were the only kind memory I remembered.

She smiled and the midnight moon blessed them.

                         Dancing Coyote