Fool’s gold…

Fool’s gold….

The irony of life, we learn too late, we can’t have everything we want.

I remember you, a breathtaking beauty who listen to my words, my poetry.

You held my hands and we discussed everything.

I knew I loved you and I remember those marvelous hazel eyes,

those eyes made me forget I was Winter and you were Summer.

You played your guitar and you sang to me at the Monterey bay every weekend.

I told you, “You are more wonderful than the sea, a miracle to my eyes.

Love is fool’s gold, we are always too early or too late to know the ambrosia of love.

I wish I knew you yesterday, when you were a tumble weed in Texas desert.

Now we are stealing time and I am just falling at your feet, needing to hear your

voice and steal some kisses.”

You laughed at my words and your whispered. You are my soulmate, my California kindness and I live a lonely life. We befall into places where we cannot escape. Dear Johnnie, we kiss and we never tell. I love how you see me, I feel so beautiful in your eyes. You make me feel special and you my rare kindness received.

Today I hold letters, pretty words written from a faraway angel. I raised my whiskey, tell the lonely ashtray,  “To the most beautiful girl I had ever knew. To fool’s gold and wishing well wishes. The murderers of our kindness.”

Dancing Coyote