Never enough whiskey…

Never enough whiskey she told me…

Pretty girl drank alone, once we great lovers and now we have become strangers seeking nothing. I told her, damn tavern is place to die, dear Julia, can’t swim in shit forever.

She looked at me with sad eyes and she whispered. Poet, dream-weaver, once you told me. I was your life, your only reason to be alive. You left me for you war, saw 40 countries and you had drank, sins and did the soldier dance. I learn a year ago, never enough whiskey to heal the heart.

I whispered to her ear, my wild rose. I told you I would break your heart. Life is a dangerous dance. We must lie and we must die. Each of us are swimming in our own waste. You were a Hemingway’s wish and most of Hemingway’s wants broke his heart. He loved the journey, the seeking of knowledge over the sweetness of love.

She turned to me and she whispered. Did you find your answers? Did you learn why we live and why we die? Did you learn enough? He brought her closer and he told her. I did learn.

I loved you my wild rose.  Once we spoke of forever and we didn’t know. Life will steal the sweetness from us. We are just foolish people seeking too much or too little. God of war, God of greed, God of carelessness will lead us to dead-end and broken heart. The Army controlled my life and I knew what I know now. I would have escape with you to the mountains. Allowed my heart to be clean of war and violence.

She kissed his forehead than lips and she whispered. Spring is here and never enough whiskey to forget you. We are not dead yet, the California mountains are still waiting for us. Are you brave enough to dance forever with a wild rose?

I brought her nearer and I told her. You are my first wish, my last wish. I will follow you to the California mountain dear love. I love you my wild rose.

                              Dancing Coyote