Sonnet Upon My Heart

Kind and sweet words for love by a talented writer.

You Lil Dickens

I don’t have to write a sonnet

My heart has one written upon it

I feel the breeze of change blowing through

It’s coursing through my veins too

My arms are outstretched, I can’t reach

But I’d gladly swim the Great Atlantic to get to you


Tonight the stars shine bright and brilliantly

Blazing and burning for Us because

They know and they see

Our Story: All that can and will be!


How lovely —

We both have finally woke up

Alive again in our new beautiful reality

You melt me like sugar on my tongue

Melt, then I gracefully leap and tumble

Now, no longer do I stumble, I soar

Weightless — a delicate butterfly in ruby red slippers

It’s You. The one who set my heart on fire!

Reignited the existence of desire

Flames are my soul’s recognition

A faint recollection of Hope and Joy


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