The sweetest girl…

The sweetest gal….

I brought the most beautiful girl near and I raised my glass to the sky in the dark tavern. I said aloud.
“Drink to you, drink to me and drink to us. My rosy cheek honey, let’s dance in the shadows of love sweetness. O so sweet, O so tender. You bewitched my heart, my dreams. You are my Gypsy gal, I love you so.”

I told her. I thought my love was spend and now my heart burned with rage. To see you bare, to see you careless, to behold you at 5 am, for us to be drinking coffee and having small talk for the raising sun. I want long walks on the morning sea and I want us to celebrate the closing of the day. Welcoming the night where we can watch the sun fall and the moon rise above us. With great gladness, I share my love with you. You are my sweetest muse. My greatest blessing.

The sweetest gal in Monterey smiled. She whispered, dear Poet. This is my wish too, where love is free and safe. Where the walls of life, don’t contain us. Where we know, the richest hearts have love near.

                                Dancing Coyote