Close my eyes forever…

Close my eyes forever

A Poem by Coyote Poetry
"Old words and old thoughts."

Close my eyes forever…

Once sweet dreams turn to nightmares.

I thought we will one in life and I learn.

Two storms can’t be in the same place.

You were so damn beautiful,

so wild and untamed.

You made me know the madness of the sea,

you taught me the silence of the forest and

you taught me to find the secret and hidden waterfalls.

If I close my eyes forever,

will I forget you?

Or am I destine to swim in dead wishes and finalist words.

Today the storm is still alive in my mind and heart.

I have become the teacher and I know now.

Life is peak and valley,

we shall win some and lose many.

I know now,

when love blessing is near.

Make it last forever.

Dancing Coyote