I will take care of you…

  I will take care of you….

The bar stool Poet told the pretty Lady sitting with him.

“Love had turn me right, love had turn me wrong. Love had turn my insides out, love had turn my insides to black and cold. Love had made me bleed, make me scream to the 3 am moon. Pretty words, pretty faces. Leftover whispered remembered, pretty face to burn the soul. Love be sweet, love be damned. We want everything and we want nothing. Reluctance kisses can turn to desperate needs.”

Pretty woman smiled and she whispered. Dear Johnnie. The night can be lonely, the night can be cold in the bed of one. Need for us to add, one and one. When the numbered fall right, we can be alright. We feast on life and love, thinking there is no payment. Everything cost plenty. You are I. Two dancing people seeking peace in the mist of the shit of life. Dearest Johnnie, please allow me to take care of you. Allow kind words, soft skin and willing hands to teach us. We will be okay.

Johnnie rose-up, took the pretty lady hands. Took her to the dance floor. The jazz is sweet as she wrapped her body around his. He whispered. Dangerous is the night when need take over us and we become brave again.