Regards to a old memory…

Regards to a old memory

A Poem by Coyote Poetry
"Every thing we do, demand payment."

Regards to a old memory….

I know love is never fair sweet memory. Need perfect timing, proper place and the same need.
Rarely do two people meet at the same wants.

I’m alright . I’m drinking the strong coffee and thinking of you. Once your words seduced me. Made me desire to frolic and be wild in the wild dance of love. Now I have late night Bloody Marys and my pen and paper.

I hold few things dear today.

The charity of the kiss, smitten promises leave me with the resembles of love. Broken promises of the temptation of sweet kiss and embraces missed. Leave me wishing for better places and better endings.

Wise men don’t confess love when they have nothing left to give. Acts of love are just forced actions to pretend you are still alive.

I have reach the point of no return. Just drifting and waiting for a place to know laughter and freedom again. have learned. Dead love had no place to grow. Life and death become a dance upon a thin rope.

Regards to you, my beloved memory . I hope you are dancing and singing in the streets to music of the ancient cities and sounds.

You had showed me the shades of love and I dream now. Of a  kind memory of  kissing your tender feet and to be able to look in your eyes. Tell you, thank you beautiful lady. With love and concern. Johnnie.

Coyote/John Castellenas