Sharing more Love (poem & video)

Amazing words and video shared by a wonderful woman.

My Inspired Life

Waking each day

somehow changed,

but unaware
that I was slowly disappearing.
One note at a time carried by a fading breath.
In the black of the night, he did come.

One by one by one,

until he held all my songbooks,
and I held none.
He left no trace, not even an empty page
to bleed onto or to start again.

Without my music, I did step
into each day, which became

the next and the next and the next.
No song in my heart, just static.
Then it happened, not all at once,
but one by one by one,
the notes floated in
to a heart that needs music to live.
It took time to arrange the notes
and rebuild the songs,
that I feared were long gone.
Fear and sorrow replaced with joy,

for the notes are now anchored deep within.

Oh, heavenly bliss to feel my…

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