You taught me what love is….

You taught me what love was…

I remember your small house, I remember sleeping on a cot and I remember you. I remember us eating three meals together daily and I remember your kind face. You made me feel safe, you made me feel loved and I wasn’t alone.

You and grandpa took care of me when no-one wanted me and my sister. We had a safe haven in a home filled with love and laughter. I still go back in time when we would eat ice creams with many cherries at 8 pm every night.

You were my life preserver in a child life. Dear Grandpa Beulah, I remember my worst day of my life. I held a 30-30 rifle in my hands and you knew to called me.
You told me, grandma loved and need you. Please come home and see me. Baby, sweetie, honey, grandma loved her baby boy. I need you alive, well and happy.

Today I remember you and my dearest grandmother in heaven. I would tell you, if I could. You taught me what love was. I am trying to be like you.

A home filled with love and a safe place for my children, my grandchildren.
I miss you my beautiful grandmother and one day. I will hold your hands in heaven and I would tell you. Thank you for showing me love can keep us safe, keep us brave.
I remember you.