I don’t want flowers. I need you…

I don’t want flowers. I need you.

A Poem by Coyote Poetry
"Appreciation and real gifts of love lead to good places."

I don’t want flowers. I need you….

(We forget what we really  need. Need passion and desire to keep love alive.)

A beautiful woman is waiting for me.

I promise her dancing and presents.

I arrive home with flowers and candy.

Her eyes goes soft.

She whispered “Please don’t buy me flowers.
I don’t want diamonds or gold.
I just want you to need me.
 For you to yearn for my kiss.
 To be overwhelm with desire for my touch.
Take me to paradise of passion.
I want you to cry out my name.
I want you to rub lotion on her feet, legs and body.
Treat me like we are new in love.”

“I don’t want pretty flowers.
I need your desire for my kiss.
I want you rushing home to fall into my arms.
I want you for Valentine day.”

I smile and bring my lady near.

Kiss her sweet lips.

I tell her. “We will lay in bed till late afternoon. “

I promise to love her today and tomorrow. Forever.