All wealthy souls, all needy souls.

Merry Christmas and an amazing poet and his words.

Laminsa Indies

FINALLY… here comes my 2021 wrap-up. It has been both a great and droff year to reflect on, droff because of Covid-19 that wrecked places around the world and yet great because the vaccines came in handy to rein back the rising death tolls (just received my first jab two days ago).

But the bug is still here with us, very much available during this festive season, and I appeal to all of us not to let down our guards. Let’s continue with taking the usual precautions: put on a visor, sanitize and keep distance where necessary.

This year, I met kindness in people, and I am much grateful for it. Hail to friends worth keeping like Cindy of Unique Times, Jeff of Develop. Inspire. Transform, Daphny of Daphny the Introvert Writer , Wic of Letters to Pogue, Ivor of Ivor.Plumber/Poet, John Coyote, Michael of

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