A Christmas Collection of Poems, Articles, & More

Merry Christmas and a amazing site.


Gerd Altmann, digital image from Pixabay, 2015, Pixabay License

Christmas is only 4 days away, and though I have not been able to sit down before now to write a proper Christmas article for this website this year, I still want to bring you what Christmas cheer I can through the following articles, lists, playlists, and poems. Merry Christmas!


Still from A Charlie Brown Christmas (1965)

I love Christmastime, and I love movies, so of course I have my favorite Christmas films! Here are my current favorites. Little reviews of mine are linked on most of the entries as well.

Note: I do still have many movies—especially classics—I need to watch or rewatch. When I do watch or rewatch some of those, they may end up in this list.

Warning: A few of these entries are “guilty pleasures” (I have that note on those, but you can probably see…

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