Outstanding video with great meaning. Some words. The poet and the naked lady…

 The poet and the naked lady…

I fell in love with a long-legged woman, her eyes of never-ending questions and her flowing auburn hair stole my voice and my eyes. I ate breakfast with her every morning after physical training for many months to listen to her talk of life and great dreams. She was almost six-foot tall, beautiful tan legs and the devilish smile of the Devil. One morning she asked me. You never ask me to roam with you. You are known to everyone, as the suicide boarder of the sea and the free climbers of every mountain from Big Sur to Washington state. You are the soldier poet in Monterey. You do not like me?

I told her. I didn’t want to lose your friendship. You are a special part of my life, and I didn’t want you to think I was like everyone. I do like you. You are poetry for my eyes, and I have written 100,000 words for you in secret journals. She smiled and she told me. Please read one of the poems to me. I read.

My lovely Gail…

“My Spring miracle, my summer wish. You dance in my thoughts; you wander into my words. Should I dare, ask? For one dance, for one kiss. My hands yearn to touch your sun-kissed skin, read poetry of love to you by the sea. Lovely wishes can be safe, life chance can be dismissed.”

Her face blushed with redness, and she took my hand. She whispered, Johnnie. I want to have some great adventure with you, and I am glad you love me. I knew you did. Your hazel eyes shine brightly when you near me. Maybe we can wander to Big Sur, San Diego, Idyllwild, Santa Cruz and San Francisco. I laughed at her words, and I told her. Maybe love, maybe more. We can wander to Big Sur this weekend. Alisa Fineman is singing her songs and we can camp-out at Big Sur. She smiled and she told me. You are the driver, and I will bring the beer and the tequila. We drove in silence to Big Sur. Big Sur is God’s country. Few people, the sea and the Rocky Mountains. Gail fell in love with the view, and we stopped many times.

She took many photos of the sea and the rocks.  We ate some food at the River Inn. Gail wore a summer dress and tennis shoes. She was a nurse in the Army, in perfect shape. Army keep the soldier fit. I told her at 3 pm, Alisa Fineman will sing. We have five hours to spend at Pfeiffer beach. A cloth optional beach. She smiled and whispered. The poet wants his muse bare and true. Big Sur was empty and quiet at 9 am in the morning and Gail took off her shoes and she ran to the rocks, and she climbed into them. The water was dancing, and she was splashed by the cold Pacific. She ran back to me, and she embraced me.

She gave me some warm sweet kisses and she told me. Thank you, Johnnie, for befriending me, I needed someone who saw the world with adoring eyes. Someone who loved new cities, the sea and the forest. Gail found her perfect spot and I laid down the towels and blanket on the sand. I watched her dance with the Pacific, and she told me. Please dance with me near the sea, whisper some sweet words into my ear. I went to her, and we danced for the morning sun. More people came to the Pfeiffer beach. We went to our blanket, and she opened the tequila and I cut the lemons into pieces.

She asked. Johnnie, I am leaving the service soon and I will live in Monterey. I have employment and a small apartment. I want you to stay with me, write your story and ensure I am never alone. I brought her close and I whispered. My North Dakota beauty. I will stay with you until I can’t no-more. We drank the tequila and we laughed at the people being splashed in the rocks by the sea. She stood-up and released her summer dress, she was bra-less and removed her panties slowly. She watched my eyes and I fell into her eyes. I told her. You are more beautiful than the wild sea dear Gail. She laid her head into my lap/closed her eyes and I caressed her hair and her face.

She whispered. Some poetry dear wordsmiths. I want some Donne’s love words to make me believe love is true, alive and wonderful. My eyes roamed her perfect body and I told her. You are a miracle; your womanly curves are perfect artwork. You are a poet’s dream and a writer’s perfect journey. I spoke to her in free-flowing words of gratitude.

” Blessed Utopia, near the sea. My lovely lady of the sea, dancing muse for the sun, for the clouds. The Gods of the sea are smiling, the sun is caressing you with gladness and the clouds. Are content to be near a goddess. My eyes love canvas of perfect skin, my eyes love the fearlessness of wild and untamed eyes. You are my utopia, my final wish.”


“Naked lady and the sea..

Prettiest lady I have ever seen, she asked me. What is life? Why do we go forward? Are we here for a purpose or reason? I brought her close and I told her. We are the artist of our life. We decide our place, we decide our reasons to be alive. We can be saviors, we and be thieves. We can dance alone, we can find our soul mate, never dance alone again. We can be lovers; we can be haters. We are the painters of our journey. We can paint perfect places, we can paint the great sea, The longest rivers and the prettiest mountains. We must seek what we need.


I love you…

My sweetest wish, you are. My words kept quiet. Sometimes we need more than words. Sometimes we need time together. Love is the grandest emotion and when you love someone. They are your world, your lasting dream. I have loved you for 1000 days and I knew after the first day I saw you. You were a miracle and too damn sweet for me. I know you are an ocean storm, I know you are my free-bird that can’t be caged. All I want, is to be near you. Make you smile, make you laugh. I do love you.


Gail opened her eyes and she whispered. Thank you, Johnnie.           

                         Dancing Coyote