Once we had the Elvis songs…

 Once we had the Elvis songs…

Hello girl, it Johnnie in Michigan and I am sorry to call you at at Midnight hours. The drink is wearing me down and I am listening to Elvis Presley songs tonight and I miss you. I miss you so. Do you miss me?

Daniela held silence for a few seconds and she asked me. Johnnie, dear Johnnie. Are you alright? You only miss me at 3 am and when you are drinking. It is cold in Germany and I listening to the records you left me. The Elvis songs and Leonard Cohen songs remind me. I knew love once and we danced the slow dance on cold Winter day, you and I. We were babies and we were not wise enough to know love wasn’t forever. Darling, I miss you and I want you to be happy. Hell raising and drinking will lead you to a hell-bound ending. No-one want a sad man. Please find something to make you smile again, laugh again.

I whispered to her. Once we had the Elvis songs and the wealth of innocence. Are we destine to become older and colder? The tapestry of life took me away from you and today. I would give everything away to be able to dance with you, kiss your lips and look into beautiful eyes one more time. You were my first safe harbor in a mess-up life.

She told me. Johnnie, Johnnie. We were lucky for a moment in time. We had our youth and we fell into the abyss of love, fearless and brave. We can be babies for a short time and now you can write a story of a sweet love that was kind, sweet and wonderful. We can listen to the Elvis songs and remember. We honored love once and someday. We shall meet and we will talk of the things we done and saw. We will laugh at the children we were. We were crazy in love once. I must go to sleep Johnnie, please call me when the sun in out. I always have time for you. Goodbye dear Johnnie.

The phone was silence and Elvis is singing in the back ground. I walked outside, allowed the cold wind of Winter to awake my sleeping mind. I told the cold night air, goodbye dear Daniela. I will see you in sweet dreams.