I ain’t marching no-more…

We don’t want to fight no-more…..

Once brave boy believed war would save our world. The brave boy became a man. He fought for a Government who would forget him after the battles ended.

Once a soldier, now he seek peace in the shadows of loud old men in Washington who believe we need more guns and separation.

Today the man preaches for the song of peace. He told the young people. I put thousands in body-bags. Their face, were just like my face. Just men dying for the greedy men in this world who love hate and separation.

He told the children. No religion in war. Just men fighting till they can’t no-more. No-one will win and the young shall pay for the pretend wall of separation.

No mama or papa want their son or daughters to die for the cause of religion, oil and land. I ain’t marching for war no-more.

I am seeking the men and women of peace. I am so tire of war and I do not want my grandchildren to fight and learn.

No-one win in war and the profit of war are the rich contractors create by the death machine.

Today world. Dancing on madness and can we stop the madness?

I pray we learn. Every child in my world. Need a safe place to live, food to eat and opportunity to do great things. But the men of war screams cover-up the words of hope and peace.

Will the last man standing ask. Who won the wars? No-one.