A Memory Aloft

A amazing poem shared.


Beneath branching ebony and scented whirls of ivory, the grandest melody of spring unfolds from the haven of a magnolia tree

What love is there for me waiting around the next bend and curve of a dream, the pulsating heights from a euphoric degree

Woven between bluejays and azure pastel the beauty and majesty, a steel comb and pin drum the “sweet mountain high” memories?

From the catacombs of my heart be the catalyst of fresh starts, the rejuvenating rain over scorched earth of unyielding melancholy

The whim and the body away upon glittering star ways, a waltz in time that transcends its mortal bonds with elegance befitting a deity

And before reality pierces these memories aloft like rays through a flight of doves, I want to embrace warmth before falling into the sea

Icarus swooning in the enchantments of Eleutheria, the embers of feathers from waxen wings likened to…

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