My eyes adored you…

My eyes adored you…

I learn we are made of places and pieces. We are a puzzle being built slowly by time and memories. Old men think too much and the what if? Haunt them in the quiet of the midnight hours.

I found in an old journal, an old poem written in 1978 and I read the words.

“Beautiful Andrea…

I adore you my Bella, I adore you my dearest Andrea. You befriended me and made me feel worthwhile. My eyes adored you and I remember. Our slow dancing at the High School dances, stealing sweet kisses and talking till we could not. I want to fall into those beautiful eyes and to tell you. I love you. I was chasing war and you were chasing rainbows. I tried to find you and you had left to seek your dreams. I knew I was a careless man. I should have told you. I adored your face, I adore the sweetness in your voice and I miss you.”

I put the journal down and I wrote into the journal.

“The echoes of yesterday, become less painful. The first sweet kisses, the first slow dance. Being almost lover, become precious memories. We are endless and we would allow the carousel of life to steal us away from the sweet places. We did not know. Few people would excite our heart and soul. Now the old man wrote. I adored you dear Andrea. I still remember you, do you remember me?”

I put the journal aside, the jazz song is good, and I drink the Johnnie Walker. I told the night. The most painful memories are, what we didn’t do or say.