Xuân Diệu | A cup of water (2)

An amazing poem shared.


By Xuân Diệu, translation by Nguyễn Thị Phương Trâm

A cup of water


You gave me a cup of water

I’ve turned it into wine

A wine of boundless desire

A wine warm fragrant divine.


The brewing hunger in your eyes

In the water I will hide

The scent of our breath, our sighs

A wine that must be consumed.


In the water I will add by far

The wine of a spirit that is “I”

Wine of laughter shimmering stars

The blue stare of the sky.


O! The cup of passion

From the dawn of life

Infinitely pouring

From this splendid life.


Again I will raise my cup of water

Invite you for a sip

But darling, don’t drink it all

Or you’ll be drunk before you know



Chén nước


Em cho anh chén nước,

Anh biến thành rượu nho

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