Do I give enough? / Did we bleed?…

Did we give enough? /Did we bleed?….

The loco Monterey Poet shouted to the sea. Did I give enough? /Did we bleed? The prettiest girl in Monterey, she laughed at his words. She tossed off her shoes and she joined him. Two almost lovers danced near the sea, for the moon, for the million stars above. She whispered into his wanting ear. Last year, you promised me everything. You promised to stay with me, and we stripped bare, and I allowed you into the places where true lovers roam and seek. I remember you wrote upon the skin of my legs with ink and touch. “True love, fools love. Wild love, free love. Untamed love, forever love. We are falling into the fragrant of love, I love the allure of your long legs, the curves of your perfect valleys and peaks. I love the way you share the verses of the ancient lovers. You are my everything” You left me without a proper goodbye in the Fall. I watched the planes fly away and I received your letter. Your wrote me. The war call came and the soldiers must go. I will miss you my love and please forgive me for leaving you. I cried and my broken heart bleed to paper. Please come home and be alright. Please don’t die my love. You returned and I am thankful. Didn’t I bleed enough for you? Didn’t I give enough? The poet brought her closer and he whispered. When I was in Asia, I thought of you in the morning, I told the sun. Please God of life and death. Send happiness to my Monterey love. In the night, your face haunted my memory. Was a needed memory. Kept me alert and wishing for you and the Pacific Ocean. I pray you would forgive me and if you want me to leave you be. I do understand my love. The prettiest girl in Monterey, she took a stick from the sea, and she wrote upon the sand. “I love you my sweet love, you are my everything and the broken heart girl, forgive you.” In the magic of the midnight hours. Blessed poet wrote on tender skin with pen and touch. “My divine lady, my Gypsy girl of the sea. My dearest muse. Allow me to drink in your beauty, allow me to fall into your arms. allow us to become one in this messy world. I love you my dearest love. 

                       Dancing Coyote