The angels don’t cry for me…

The Angels don’t cry for me.

A Poem by Coyote Poetry
"A very old poem. I learn you can’t be forgiven. Just to live with the foolishness."

The Angels don’ cry for me……

The kind Angels don’t cry or pray for a man with no conscious.

They can give only soft caresses to calm uncontrolled anger and energy.

I sat by the Monterey Bay wishing to be somewhere else.

I was haunted by mistakes.

My greed for flesh and money had  left me alone and desperate.

The sun fell into sea. I watched the first star appear.

I wished upon the first star.

For a dark eyed girl to come back to me.

Then I remembered I was the foolish man  who left her.

Left her with tears in her beautiful brown eyes.

Her haunting words are a part of me now.” Please stay.” If I left her.

No-one would ever love me again.”

 I sat drowning in self pity and anger.

Wished a fool’s dream.

To go back in time and hold on.

Angels don’t forgive the cold and heartless men.

Men who drain young flesh and leave them for dead.

I found her once.

My brown eyed girl came to me.

She put her arms around me.

Whispered “I forgive you. Please take care of yourself.”

She walked away with a true love hand in hand.

I saw she found joy in a man who knew he held a real diamond.

I drank my tequila alone and told the world to back off by the Seaside ocean.

I fell into the sea.

Trying to feel some kind of emotion.

I finally cried  tears for breaking a sweet woman heart.

I sat and waited for the sun to rise from the east.

Not knowing if a man could be forgiven for deeds done without heart or conscious?

I pray to the Gods of the sea, the sky and the earth for forgiveness.

I tossed the tequila down. I walked the cold and lonely beach.

The kind Angels are crying for me now.

They are praying for a man who held greed and hate as his love.

I sat by the sea wet,cold and understanding.

Love is the most beautiful and sweetest gift.

 When a sweet woman open up her heart and soul to you.

Hold on to her tightly.

Give long and sweet kisses.

Don’t let go.


                                  Sept 1992