Forgive me…

Forgive me…

Please forgive me for what I did to you.

I’m sorry I torture you with lies and treated
you as I did.

I was young.
Learning to love.

Finding the many mistakes young lover’s can make.

I left you alone and swimming in tears and loneliness.

I hope all your thoughts of me are not filled with hate.

But filled with fond memories of two lovers learning
to touch and  to love.

Even through our ending ended in anger and sadness.
We allowed the world to separate us.

You are still a beautiful face and tender memories I can’t forget.

I hope I didn’t destroy your desire to love and feel.

I hope your new beginning are filled with happiness and joy.

I hope you didn’t throw away all the love we held and gathers.

You came and said goodbye to me.
I was leaving Germany.
We held each other for the last time.

I whispered.
Thank you sweet lady for sharing love with a foolish man.