Nguyễn Bính | Spring rain (I) (2)

An amazing poem shared.


By Nguyễn Bính, translated by Nguyễn Thị Phương Trâm

Spring rain (I)


I’m the girl by the window, next to my ageing mother 

Weaving silk from one day to another

My homely novice heart in white silk, while mother’s far away,

A merchant at the market in the middle of the day.


Spring was drifting in the wind that day,

Flew in layers of neem blossoms, the display. 

The Dang village dance coupe passed by,

Mother said: there’ll be a show in Đoài village tonight.


In my heart was the silky thread of a crush.

My tiny fingers paused mid-weave.

Cheeks pink, blushing,

Me thinking of you.


All around the neighbourhood the lights were on,

I reached out from beneath the veranda

My hand grew colder in each raindrop,

Thought maybe you might drop in.


I quickly asked mother,

Mother: go, tell me everything after.

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