Powerful poetry shared by a talented writer.

Laminsa Indies

Writen by Harris Ismail

The sky is a battlefield for wild and untamed monsters.

Phoenixes are bold,
but a raven is equally dangerous;
the sky is a battlefield
for the wild and untamed monsters,
even a lion can’t conquer a dragon.

Pegasus is wise –
stay high and low when the flight becomes deadly;
maybe the human realm can provide a home:
its better to risk homage
than the falcon’s claws;
so, the belief spreads wide.

Their imagination builds and destroys

Humans are an intelligent lot;
their imagination builds and destroys,
their fights are puny but scandalous,
their gods and God
fight for them equally;
but ambition mixed with religion
creates havoc
even in the angels’ midst.
How peaceful the sky was
until humans entered the untamed wild!

An ox can only plough,
even a mule is envious
of a broken horse:
prestige is hard to come by,
the weight…

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