Wild Irish Rose…

My wild Texas rose…

Kind mistress night brought her to me. The Austin, Texas bars brought people from all places together.
When the moon took over the night sky. People from different places fell into one hope.
Dance, laughter, drink and to enjoy the mystery of the night.

I went into a tavern/dance club and I saw three pretty ladies dancing together to the song of Bob Seger “Turn the page” on the dance floor . I drank my drink and I enjoyed the view. All of sudden. A beautiful strawberry blond hair girl asked me. Can you dance or are you waiting for the booze to kick in and to forget who you are? I held silence and I answered slowly. I’m just wasting time and trying to find reasons and purpose to be alive.

The Texas July heat had kicked in. Summer dresses and beautiful woman were everywhere. I wrote poetry today near the Austin river of wild roses and beautiful woman. I liked the Texas girls. Not afraid to talk and a western beauty of wild and free desert flowers.

She smiled and told me. I saw you today. You read at the Austin poetry reading three times. You were the lone back-up Poet. I liked your poetry. Too sad for my taste. I prefer poetry that heat up the heart and mind. Make you want more. Make you yearn to dance and taste life. Dead-end poetry is for old men. You are too young to swim in poor memory and places.

I asked her her name. She told me. I’m Laura. A college student and future great writer. I will give you two choices. Dance with me or I will walk away. Leave you with nothing to write about. I took her hands and we danced to Hank William songs.  She smells of Summer roses. She brought her body near and she whispered. She sang the songs. Her voice like sweet whispers making me smile. She looked at me and she told me. Dear Poet, we ain’t here for a long time. I want you to write a poem about love, dance and Texas. I told her. Will be easy Laura.  The charity of your embrace and the promise of your smile changed my night. She kissed me once and fell into a tight embrace.

                          My wild rose….

We drank the good wines of Germany.
You allowed me to kiss your lips of sweet red wine.
You  embraced me tightly and I smelled the wild roses in your tender skin.
You are my Summer and I’m  your Fall.
You know laughter and how to dance by the river.
Fearless, beautiful and wild heart.
My wild rose, you made me find dreams and hope.
Thank you my Texas love.

Laura smiled and she told me. A pretty poem dear Poet. We need to add a part two. Tomorrow we will go to the sea. I will show you the Texas sea and you will dance with me and forget the old misery. Dead things can’t be revived. Better to find something sweet to taste and live for today.

I held my wild Texas rose and  I told her. I needed a day to frolic with the sea and be near you my Laura.
She kissed my face and hands. She whispered. No easy life. War, death and disappointment. They burned out the hope and dreams of youth. You can’t allow this. Tomorrow you will be reborn and allow the Texas sun to show us.

Hope can be found.

                       Coyote/John Castellenas