Extraordinary beauty danced alone. Green eyes offered me glances of come and dance a forbidden dance. Wise men know to run when the siren called. Foolish men fall to the landscape of beautiful face and perfect body. The tempting smile stole away my fear and allowed the taunting of unnatural feast to mislead him to destine inferno of love that cannot be.

She came to me wearing Summer dress showing slender shoulders and sun-kissed brown skin. She asked me. “Are you  dancing tonight Johnnie?? I was captive by her long Texas tan legs and my stirring to die and bleed in her captive gaze. I told her. You are looking very dangerous tonight my beautiful friend. You are roaming alone tonight and you are looking very toxic dear love. You broke my heart once. You believe a man will be shattered twice by your kiss and touch. Find secret motel rooms where I would surf your skin and find hidden warmth and the illusion of perfect love that fade away to only wishes in the morning light?

Timeless Texas beauty bit her lip and she smiled. She took my hands and she went to the dance floor at the Belton, Texas Dance hall and her legs, breast and skin connected to me. She laid her head into my chest and she whispered. “We have discussed this before dear Poet. Lovers must bleed and demands needs to be fulfilled. People who need little, don’t know the heat of passion. It demand payment or you can live wishing and hoping for wild dance and enshrined memory of me. I’m your wildflower dream and toxic kissed. You wrote these words for me, my dear lover many times.”

I brought her closer and I whispered. I love you my sweet muse and I want to see wild and nude tonight. I want us to wander to the Texas coastline and stay  by the sea  till we must return to our domain life. Let’s find a cheap and cozy motel where lover’s secret lay safe and protected. I know you are not my forever love. You are just a wild angel needing, touch and kiss in a world where we never can get enough.

Beautiful lady kissed my neck and lips. She whispered. “No-one is waiting for me today and tomorrow. I need the sea near and us free and nude drinking Jack Daniel whiskey and finding the splendor of a toxic love. I need to lose the shackled of lock-in life and touch without regards for my delight and rage. Johnnie. Please steal me away. A loan love is better than drinking alone.”

We left the dance hall and we found the sea. Two lovers finding safety and comfort in the illusion of a deluded love. Pretty lady asked. “Is love touch forgotten or are we doomed to forget the need of frenzy and desperate midnight dance.”

I told her. Love vanished and reappeared. Love will find us, when love wants and when love is near. The day is sweet and long. You are my Texas wish and nightmare. I need you always and I know. Our imperfect love must be enough. Flawed and sacred are we. I have loved you for a thousand days. You are a permanent scar I hold dear.

She smiled and she danced by the lights of the Motel bathroom light. Her perfect nude body moved to the country song and she  fell into my arms. She whispered. “Talk to me Johnnie, make me feel like I’m the only one.”

                                     John Castellenas/Coyote