Let’s drink and pray for more… A Ozzie song with beautiful Lita Ford.

Let’s drink and pray for more….

Wild child danced alone on Austin Dance floor.
Barely old enough to be in the dark taverns of Downtown Austin.
Her wild eyes searched for what she needed.

I loved her free-flowing auburn -colored hair and long skirt moving with the song.
Her movement allowed me  glances of perfect legs and tender shoulders in her Summer blouse.

She came to me. She smiled and she asked me. Dear Poet. Not dancing tonight. Afraid of the ending before the beginning.  I told her.  Dear hard headed woman. I wrote a poem for you.

Blue eyes beauty. In your eyes I cannot escape.
This song is for you my lover.
My words of love for a wild and free wind.
Dear Jenny.
You make love become multi-colored and a free-falling dance.
Made my quiet nights turn to illusions of wild rivers and great storms.
Your fingertips upon my skin made me a beggar for your love and kiss.
Old Poet does know the ending. Can’t hold the wind in your hands and
can’t hold down a wild child in heart.
Free wind and free-children are blessed.
Knowing no locked doors and not fearing the ending.
Just loving the beginnings.

Pretty Jenny took me to the dance floor and I kissed her neck and face.
She whispered. Love should be free and wild. Our midnight wishes becoming true.
True love should allow love to have wings and love to be sang to the heavens.
Make the God jealous. Let’s drink and pray for more my love.

A hard headed lady and a blessed man danced to Willie Nelson song.
The Poet knew. The night was coming and he held a alluring angel.
A rare gift in a hard life.
                           John Castellenas/Coyote