In the Depths of Winter

A amazing poem by a talented writer.

Christina Chase

Ice crystals of fear

at the edges of my heart,

a cold chill blows through me;

the heavy burden of sorrow

snows down, thick, relentless,

numbed and blinded by storm after storm,

I, brittle, snap and break.

How long?

Turned away from You is darkness that freezes and smothers;

turning toward You is light that grows warmer and warmer

as I re-turn to the fullness of Your gaze upon me.

You fill me with Your presence,

ice thaws, snow melts,

I am dripping with relief,

running over with the flood of peace

that streams and pools and swells,

saturating the frozen ground of my mind,

softening the hardening pain of my heart

to yield to love

transformed from what kills without You

to what carries and sustains life with You;

dormant seeds of courage and faith

awaken, watered by sorrows melted into strength,

as hope blossoms across the landscape of…

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