The sea…

The sea

A Poem by Coyote Poetry

" Best place to be. Near the sea with good friends, music and free time. "

                              The sea….

I told her. Become like the sea. Move with the dancing waves, free and uncontrolled.
Enter into the meditation of the sea. Listen to the ancient voices. Take in the quiet whispers
of lovers who came before us.

Returning lovers return to sing the phrases of love. Interlocked lovers celebrate each  embrace and kiss.
If you listen. Can hear sweet words of endearing lovers saying sweet words of love. Come to me again. Let’s celebrate the dance of forever with the kind sea.

The Gods of the sea, moon and stars allowed the lovers to bare their true selves. They whispered to the
lovers. Enough of sadness and time for forgiveness. It is time to dream, sing  and dance.

We will stand by the sea. Allow the cold salt water to awake the hope and innocence of youth. I told my
lover. Come to me with a open heart and leave the excuses behind. We need to wrap our hope and dreams together. Allow the warmed of us holding tightly to bond two life together.

Let’s create a story of love that will be sung by the powerful sea.

                           Coyote/John Castellenas  
                       Wrote in 1992/rewritten in 2014