Down The Pan Am

A wonderful poem shared by a talented writer.

Digital Rabbit Hole

Slide1 2Down The Pan Am
(in memory of my mother)

Cruising down the Pan Am highway
feeling the freedom
she didn’t feel
in the land of the free…
For she was anti – war,
anti – tyrant in her day,
a leftist revolutionary….
persecuted for her beliefs,
who had a small file,
and was under surveillance
for her subversive activities.
The FBI parked across her street,
and the judge she worked for and adored
was labeled a Communist.
In a big white pick up truck,
she chose to leave her homeland,
because she couldn’t thrive inside…
to leave the sleepless nights
and paranoia behind,
moving South down the Pan Am
looking for a better life,
taking a dog and a baby girl
with her on this very long ride.

The truck bed
packed-up to the hilt
with essentials from her past,
clothes, books in English,
photo albums and wind chimes,

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