Winter Sunflowers Bent but Not Broken

Amazing photos and poetry shared.

Kingfisher Journey- Marina Richie

Sunflowers of Winter

Out my window, the stalks of summer
stand tall—even when bent
by snow, even when knocked
by wind, sunflowers hold up
their seedheads as offerings
and all I can think of today is

Our front yard today as rain falls like tears..


When Bat unfolds her wings to flutter
over the shadowed waters,
River drifts off to sleep listening to the Kinglet lullaby,
each tinkling note a way of kindling
Cedars who will spark the stars
into constellation.

Metolius River as darkness falls, photo Marina Richie

Cooper’s Hawk

Curve of beak. Bend of talons.
No gentle arcs are these
but fish hooks ready to grapple
junco, finch, or even quail.

Accipiter presides from her perch,
this feathery lioness fiery of eye,
Scalloped breast a sunset
on a rippling lake,
Long banded tail
draped down casually before
the launch.

What is it to live suspended

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