Your Choice

A amazing dance of words for love by a talented writer

Digital Rabbit Hole


Where have you gone? Where are you now?
Can memories, dissolve in Time’s ocean,
like foam on waves rolling out to sea?
There is nowhere to even look for you…
as I am not sure who you were, 
or even why I never knew.

Everything was your choice and yet,
I thought, because of who I was to you,
I could choose too.
The truth would have set us free,
or end us like a ship wreck on the rocks.
You were so afraid to take that chance,
but love is always stronger than our doubts;
against the lies and half truths,
love is what would always win out.

Because we loved so uncommonly,
without romance
and desire
or long term plans;
all we ever pictured… we could do…
our gift was creating lasting beauty together
you and and you…you and me
and thrill all those who came…

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