Fire, the flames and you…

Fire, the flames and you….

You are my river of joy.
My muse in  the mist of confusion.

I have hurt myself often, set fire to my dreams and watched my hope fly away to the flames of disappointment. Today my cuts and bruises seem less painful because.

You are with me. Accepted my battered body. Stayed with me in the good and the bad days.

You are my beauty. My endless sea of hope and new dreams.

Dear muse. I watched you dance with the gentle morning waves. Your long hair free and wild in the early morning wind. I looked at the rising sun and I told her.

You are my sun; you are the one who lights up my day. You create joy and laughter, that burned away my sadness and disappointment. You are love. An unforgettable place and time for me to rest and to know peace.

                     Coyote/John Castellenas