Revisiting “The Grab”

A wonderful poem for international women’s day.

Laminsa Indies

It is International women’s day and my friend Shobana Gomes reminds me that this poem would be befitting for this day. Women are such a wonderful and complex creation. Through their wisdom, they hold families and homes together and form part of every dream and future. I’m grateful for all the wonderful women I’ve met in my life, starting with you who’s reading this, my mothers Faluma Toran and Margaret Kisira (see picture below) and all friends and relatives elsewhere. The woman in me, that vocal persona in my poems, tells me that all women are strong and unique, and I agree.

What was it that drew you to me?

Was it something on my face? –

the cute little smiles I made?

my fresh kissable lips?

the ripples on my cheeks?

the bewitching gap between my teeth?

Was it my long ebony hair

or my raised cheek bones?


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