Dante’s Beatrice left him to swim in the misery of so close and so far away. She allowed him to travel to hell and back to find her. His misery taught him and us. Best to try to live a good life than swim in the pits of hell.

I learn by many dances with kind and pretty ladies. Women, are not for men to understand. You can hold a woman, you can believe you know her. You learn, women are a story for men never to grasp.

Woman can conceal, inspire and create divine emotions for a lucky man. If she desired.

I tell the young in heart, life is seconds, minutes and hours that goes so damn fast. We need to celebrate the warmest days, the sweetest kisses and the days, when love is near.

When love is near, we are alive.

Being in the sanctuary of a woman’s arms, with the blessing of love. kindest and sweetest days, we shall know.  Wise men know, you can’t control love. A woman decide if we can know the utopia of love embrace, can taste the ambrosia of her skin and kiss.

Dante taught me, love can be sweet, love can damn us forever in the pit of sorrow. But if we don’t join the dance, feel the heat, feel the burn. Did we live?

Dancing Coyote