I would steal time, If I could…

 I would steal time, if I could for you….

Once I believed I was invincible and today I know.

All of us, can break into pieces, like the broken glass of time.

If I could,

I would steal second, hours and days to be with you.

I would never release you.

I didn’t know,

you were a beautiful flower in my life,

the kindest and sweetest lady,

I ever knew.

I was a runner,

running from ghosts and demons.

And you took me in.

Today the running man,

he learn too late.

No-one wait for the restless man.

It is too late for me.

You have left my world and the longing for you,

became just first star wishes and my ocean prayers.

Now the dark poet,

write on paper,

portraits of softness and wonder.

He told the moon,

I love you, I love you, I love you.

My Gypsy gal.

You were my righteous days,

my perfect nights.

I would steal time, If I could.

To be able to hold you near,

to be able to see your laughing eyes,

to know, love was near.

                         Dancing Coyote