The Nightingale song…

The nightingale song

A Poem by Coyote Poetry

" A Native American tale I was taught and I teach my grandchildren. "

                               The Nightingale song..

The Ojibwa grandfather volunteered to watch the five grandchildren and he took them to the big water. He told them if you listen well, you can hear the nightingale songs when the moon is rising to the west. Little Mia laughed and she asked. Who is the nightingale singing to? Is it for the big water? Or is it for a lost lover?

He smiled and he told the his grandchildren to sit on the healing stones. The healing stones were near the big water and you could see where two water sources connected and expanded. He told them. Tonight I will tell you a great tale. Once, a long time ago. The Ojibwa tribes were not friendly toward each other. They met twice yearly for a great feast and traded their items of value.

The son of the standing land chief Dancing Coyote loved the events. He would roam everywhere, talk to anyone. He would tell stories to his new friends and he wanted new stories to keep. He saw a beautiful girl with dark brown eyes, her garment of deer skin were lightly wore, showing strong and beautiful legs. She was tall and slender. He wanted to know her name. He went to her and he stood near her with a big smile. She turned and she saw the smiling boy face. She thought he looked handsome and strong. She asked him. What are you looking at? He smiled and he told her. You are more beautiful than the first Spring Lily and my name is Dancing Coyote.

She laughed and she asked. Why are called Dancing Coyote? He told her, my grandmother told me. I came out kicking and moving. Like a wild coyote born. She told my mother. Looked like he is dancing. We will name him Dancing Coyote. She laughed at his words, she offered her hand to him. She told him, my name is Nightingale. My grandmother told me. I was singing at birth and I never stopped. I will sing tonight at the last gathering.

He took her hand and he held it. He told her. I would not miss the music of the beautiful songbird. She smiled and she asked. Your tribe is across the big water and our fathers have no patience for each other. They would not like us talking. he told her. You are my Spring blessing, a comfort to my eyes. I will never say goodbye to you now. She blushed and hid her face. She whispered. Dancing Coyote, the big water will keep our love at bay. I am the moon and you are the sun. Our fathers will ensure you will be Winter and I will be Summer. Never to meet or touched. She escaped him to sing her song at the gathering and he followed her with a raging new storm in his heart. Her grace, her humble voice made him wish to hear her voice forever.

She sang many songs and her beautiful voice left the audience in silence. The Ojibwa people loved their nightingale. After the songs she escaped to the big water. He followed her and she was waiting for him. She turned to him and she pointed where the two water met. She told him. If you listen well at midnight. You can hear a song of a defeated lover my grandmother told me. She told me it is a woman Morningstar singing to a lover who tried to cross the big water in a storm. He tried to get to her and the big water took him away. The song is the saddest song I ever heard Dancing Coyote. He went to her and he wrapped his arms around her and he whispered to her. I want our song to be sweet, happy and a legend of the greatest love. She kissed him, sealing a promise. He held her tightly for the rising moon.

Three years later at the tribe gathering. The two fathers told them. You cannot see each other no-more. This will not be allowed. We trade with them, we do not befriend them. After Nightingale songs. They met at the big water. Dancing Coyote told her as he held her and he kissed her face many times. When the moon is full, I will come for you. We will escape North and we can be together forever. Please light a fire and sing to the big water for me. I will find you and I will very glad dear Nightingale. She whispered. I will be glad too.

The full moon was here and the big water was angry. He knew it would be very dangerous to cross the wild water when she was angry. He knew Nightingale was waiting and he boarded the canoe and he begin to cross the big water. Nightingale create a big fire and she sang songs to the angry water. “Please be calm, please be kind. My dearest lover is with you. Please show him kindness and allow him to come safety to me. Dancing Coyote was struggling and he was losing control of the canoe. He looked at the moon and told her. Please tell Nightingale. She was my delight, my dream, my blessing, my love.

Dancing Coyote father was looking for him. The grandmother told his father. He left for the big water, please go find him. I feel something bad is happening to him. He went to the big water and he saw Dancing Coyote canoe missing. He saw the dangerous water and he called for his brother to help. They went to the long-ship and the father and his brother went into the angry water. The long boat was stronger and the two men fought the dangerous water looking for his son.

Dancing Coyote held tightly to the turn-over canoe, knowing the big water would take him soon. He closed his eyes and he saw Nightingale. He heard her sweet voice, please hold on my love. He felt his father’s hands upon him. His father pulled him into the long-ship. He saw the eyes of his angry father and he told him. If I cannot be with Nightingale. Please allow the sea to take me. The father did not speak.

He took Dancing Coyote to Nightingale and he watched his son run to her. The embraced and kissed. She was crying. Nightingale father was walking toward the children and Dancing Coyote father went to him. They talks for a time and they embraced each other. They came to the children and Morningstar father told them. In one week. We will have great celebration. Our two tribes will gather as one for a great wedding. No-one will die tonight.

Little Mia had a tears in her eyes and she asked dear grandfather. Is this story true? He smiled and he kissed her forehead. Mia grandmother was coming and she yelled. Grandma Nightingale, grandpa told us a great story about love and the big water. She smiled and she asked? Did Grandpa Dancing Coyote tell you a story with a happy ending? Mia stopped and she wondered.

She asked her dear grandmother. Please sing for us. We love your songs. Everyone in the village call you the song bird of peace. I know now why my grandmother.