Wildflowers dreams…

Wildflower dreams

A Poem by Coyote Poetry

" Good to be among the wildflowers. Free from life problems and trying to find the freedom we once held precious. "

                                    Wildflowers dreams….

She was pretty as a picture.
She was dancing with the wind among the million wildflowers upon the ridge.

I told her life is fair.
A tarnish woman will find peace.
We will swim in dirt to appreciate the feel of Spring water touching our skin.
We will play second best waiting for the myth of the liar moon to fade away.

Lover’s lost and gone will leave deep scars.
These are the tattoos of people who rode the waves of love.
Each wave cannot be controlled.
We can be tossed from the sea of love into the turmoil of pleasure of love and hate.

Lady with sparkling blue eyes of joy.
Came to me.
She whispered. “I know what true love is.
My lover. You stayed.
You held on to me when I was filled with darkness and afraid.”

I pick up my sweet love.
We danced in the field of the wildflowers.
I kissed my beautiful woman and told her.

“Love can be treacherous and we can fall down many times.
Lucky people can manifest hope and keep love alive. You are
my wildflower free and wild in heart. I will love you today and forever.”