Fool’s wish. Lover’s hold on…

Dreams can become nightmares. 

Nightmares can become sweet dreams one day.

Fool’s wish. Lover’s hold on.

(Written on 19 April 1985)

I remember when I rushed home to fall into your arms.
We would make love till the morning lights appears.

I was intoxicated by your beauty.
Ties and bounded in a sweet love.

I could watch you dance in dark night clubs.

So beautiful.

Short dress and your favorite red shoes.

The memory still can make me feel weak. I was attracted to you the first time I saw you.

I can still see you reaching your hand to me.
Taking me to the dance floor. Your blue eye and sweet smile stole my thoughts.

You didn’t need to say a word.

Your perfect body close to me.
Sweet whispers of  “I need you.”

Make me feel alive and strong. I asked why does a beautiful woman want an old man?

You laid your head into my chest.
Looked up and looked into my eyes. Told me.
You are old in spirit.
Just need someone to love you.

Nights of passion and emotion.
Brought us to a sweet and demanding love.

To our serene and solace paradise.

Today we sit like strangers.
You tell me it is your fault our world is
falling apart.

I tell you. I know the fault is mine.

We talked of love.
Sometimes words are just words.

I try to climb over barrier of disappointments.
I can see only sad eyes and falling tears.

I searched my heart.
All I can see is you.
Walking with you on solitude beaches.
Our two hands together.
Drinking sweet wine.

Laying nude in bed till late afternoon.
Not caring what is outside our door.

I asked do you love me?
Pretty blue eyes looked at me.
I want you to be happy.
I want you to succeed.
I can’t make you happy.

I tell you.
“I would be lost.
If you leave my life.
I would never love again.
I’m alive because of your love.

Please stay with me.
I know the misery and limbo I would fall
into without you in my life.

Please stay with me.
Let’s hold on and find the hunger again.”

You give me your beautiful smile.
Asked can we go dancing?
I will put on the sexy red dress.
Find my favorite red shoes.
You can buy me sweet red wine.
We can dance till the bar closes.

I put my fingers through your long blond hair.
Bring your face to my face.
Kiss your lips.

Tell you. We will dance then till 2 am.
We will walk on the Monterey beach and
we will watch the sun rise.

I will hold you like you are my last breath.

19 April 1985