Please don’t forget me…

Please don’t forget me.

A Poem by Coyote Poetry

" For Jade Innes. 16 year old poet, who killed herself. She was lost too soon. The good people leave us and we must whisper their name to the stars. They are not forgotten. "

   Please don’t forget me.

Many people will touch our life.
They will leave kind words and soft touches upon our mind and heart.
Faces with hopeful smiles and a offer of friendship.
Rare precious gifts we must hold close and return the gift.

Some flames of life burn-out too soon.
Leaving us with sadness and question.

I will remember you.

Some people leave whispers in the wind.
Request not to be forgotten.

A sweet and kind girl, writer and friend.
Left too soon.

We must hold friendship near.
Always leave with love and positive words.
We never know when the last words are written or spoken.